Top 5 Ankara Styles That Ruled 2017

Ankara is styles are one of the most prominent fabrics used in creating African fashion styles, with its lively prints and amazing versatility, you can create almost any styles.

As time passes, ankara styles have grown  beyond just sewing whats in a cheap fashion magazine, now we use our imagination as tools to drive us to creating more diverse and mind blowing styles.

Here are the top 5 ankara styles that rocked 2017 to its knees:

  1. THE PEPLUM STYLE: Although the peplum style has been trending since 2013,  it manages to get better each year. Now there are not only peplum skirts, there are peplum gowns, tops and jackets which can go with almost anything depending on the look you are trying to create. A unique characteristic of the peplum style is that it blends through the curves of your body no matter the body shape or size, it goes well with heels but if you are looking to be simple or casual, flats will be great.












 2. A-LINE ANKARA STYLE: This style literally looks like an ‘A’ on you, hence the name A-line, it does not necessarily fit the body or bring out the curves but when worn in the right way, it gives you a confident look. Regardless of what people say, the A-line style is for every body shape and size. Heels, snickers or a beautiful sandal will go perfectly with it. They are very easy to wear especially if you are looking to be comfortable.













3. REGULAR STRAIGHT GOWN: Either short or long, with a slit or a cut, this style never fails when you are in need of simplicity; it has been in the trend for as long as you can say hippopotamus. Whichever way you choose to wear it, this style gives you a younger and fresher look.












4. THE OFF-SHOULDER ANKARA STYLE: This style stole the heart of many fashionistas when it first arrived, it can either be featured in a top or a gown depending on your taste. Its unique quality is that it leaves the shoulders bare, which only mean one thing…Bold accessories! Whether it’s a choker or a neck piece, it should be glaring. This style is definitely a must have.













5. ANKARA STYLE WITH FRINGE : This is basically just any Ankara style with fringe details, it can be added to any part of the dress, it can also feature in some off or cold shoulder Ankara dress. it makes any style look more glamorous and captivating, it is suitable for mainly fashion events or evening dates. This style here is hands down our best style in 2017.


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