How To Take Body Measurement

Measuring is one of the keys used to creating a perfect fit, now it’s not enough to just measure, measuring correctly or accurately is very important for a successful look.

Knowing the correct measurement of areas of the body like the bust, hip, waist is the key to having a perfectly tailored cloth, there are also other measurements like the shoulder, sleeve length, half length, and full length depending on the style you want to create.

These are the common tips to take note of before or while measuring:

  • Always use an accurate cloth tape rule to measure
  • Do not measure yourself while wearing bulky clothes; whether you are measuring yourself or someone else, it is important not to wear anything baggy, the best thing to wear while measuring is your undergarment or a fitted dress.
  • It is also important to stand straight especially when measuring the full length
  • When measuring especially when you have to wrap the measuring tape around the part you are measuring e.g. the waist or hip, the tape should neither be too tight or loose
  • Always measure twice to avoid mistake.


  • Shoulder: The tape is set at the beginning of the shoulder bone to the other shoulder bone.
  • Bust: to measure the bust, wrap the tape around the back across the fullest part of the breast.
  • Waist: wrap the measuring tape around the waist line (where you normally wear your pant or skirt) which is usually above the belly button. Ensure not to tuck in your stomach while taking this measurement.
  • Hips: wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your hip and ensure that your feet are together while doing this.
  • Full length: this measurement is taken from the shoulder bone to the ankle, it is important to stand straight while measuring.
  • Sleeve length: taking the measurement of the sleeve length usually depends on how long you want the sleeve to be, the sleeve can either be short, three-quarter or long, either way all you have to do is set the measuring tape at the shoulder bone to your preferred length.
  • Sleeve round: measure round the arm where the sleeve should end.

Of course these measurements above aren’t all you need for complicated designs but I’m sure this will go a long way in helping you sew just the perfect fit.



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